Encouraging and Creating Life Balance Through Fitness

Working with SKY Fitness is fun and effective. You'll learn to incorporate strength, focus and flexibility training through TRX® and/or yoga into your fitness routine. Benefits include:

  • Balance
  • Injury Prevention
  • Create Muscle Strength 
  • Gain Greater Range of Motion
  • Improve Mental Focus
  • Enhance Athletic Performance

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What Clients are Saying ...

"Having Sarah do Yoga with my young athletes is so valuable.  They learn about their body and movement.  They become much more flexible and develop a stronger mind.  Last year she led the team in yoga before every game at the 14/under National Championships in Texas.  We were the National Champions and I honestly believe Sarah played a huge role in this.  The girls were mentally prepared and calm before every game.  I feel so fortunate to have her as part of our program for our athletes.  Yoga is a valuable tool for all of us!!"
- Maureen OToole Purcell, Olympic Silver Medalist & Director of Diablo Water Polo


"...your demeanor is perfect for yoga...calm, relaxed and assured.  I think you add "twinkle" to the whole yoga vibe, some are too "Om-ish" for me.  As my 18 year old daughter would say, you're a "bomb-diggity" instructor." -Betsy

"As a working mother over 50 who plays soccer, Sarah has been a true blessing.  I arrive stressed and hyperactive and leave physically fit and well grounded.  Some days its TRX and other days its Yin yoga.  Sarah listens to my needs and I have been injury free since working with her." -Wendy

"I have worked with Sarah for over 2 years.  I am a former athlete and wanted to work with Sarah because she has so much experience.  We started with TRX and added in yoga.  Sarah is a master at both!  I have had a number of aging injuries and she has helped me find ways to work within my parameters.  Every time I leave I feel fatigued from a good workout and mentally lighter!" -Kathy